In an Ebola update in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the outbreak total climbed to 205 confirmed and probable cases (170 confirmed and 35 probable).


According to the WHO, the worrisome security situation in Beni, the epicenter of the epidemic, has contributed to the rise in Ebola cases since September.

“The recent increase in the incidence of new cases is the result of the myriad of problems encountered by the intervention teams,” said Jasarevic, adding that “these incidents have serious consequences for civilians and health workers. who are at the forefront of this fight against Ebola “.

Faced with this situation, the Congolese authorities announced a few days ago measures against “the assaults of health personnel and non-compliance with preventive measures.” Last week, volunteers from the Congolese Red Cross were injured.

As part of the response to Ebola, 15,807 people were vaccinated, including almost 6,000 in Beni, more than 4,000 in Mabalako, more than 1,600 in Mandima, nearly 1,400 in Katwa and more than 1,000 in Butembo.