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Health officials recorded an additional Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) case in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) Equateur province, bringing the total in the 11th Ebola outbreak in the country to 124 (118 confirmed and 6 probable).


The death toll remains at 50 (44 confirmed and 6 probable).

The case fatality ratio among confirmed cases is 37.3% (44 deaths/118 confirmed cases). The number of health workers affected remains at three, making up 2.4% of all cases.

The number of health areas that have reported at least one confirmed or probable case of EVD since the start of this outbreak has risen to 40 (14.2%) of 281 health areas, in 12 (66.7%) of the 18 health zones in
the province.

The World Health Organization says the EVD outbreak in Équateur Province is showing a slow rise in case numbers and deaths.

Although this slow rise in numbers is encouraging, there are still contacts lost to follow up, confirmed cases still remain in the community and safe and dignified burials continue to be a challenge. In addition, two of the affected health zones, Bomongo and Lilanga Bobangi, border Republic of Congo, requiring reinforcement of trans-boundary surveillance.

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