A number of unconfirmed reports have hit the internet today concerning Ebola virus case(s) in Mosul, Iraq.

Iraq map/CIA
Iraq map/CIA

According to a report in Shafaq News today, A medical source in Mosul hospital revealed diagnosing the infection with Ebola virus of elements belonging to ISIS.

Later in the report it states, The source, who asked not to be identified told “Shafaq News”, that “the cases were recorded on foreign fighters of African descent.

The medical source warned from the spread of the disease within the city of Mosul and its transmission to other Iraqi cities.

There are other reports floating online concerning this topic, and I must stress, none of the reports have been confirmed. See HERE, HERE and HERE.

The good folks over at Flutrackers are gathering information on this issue. However, as Flutrackers Editor-in-Chief, Sharon Sanders points out, “There is a question about how reliable these reports are, and basically, we have no idea, hence the title of the thread.

“Iraq and Mosul are unstable. Any news is suspect. There are many conflicting factions there. We will monitor the situation and post here.”

If the reports are true, it would be a disastrous situation in the chaotic, violence plagued and war-torn Middle Eastern country.