The SIM USA physician who contracted Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) has been identified by the Christian missionary organization as 51-year-old Massachusetts doctor, Dr. Rick Sacra, the organization announced yesterday.

Ebola virus/CDC
Ebola virus/CDC

According to the SIM statement, Sacra was not caring for patients in our ELWA 2 Ebola Care Center. He was serving patients in our Obstetrics Ward at our ELWA General Hospital. Rick was caring for pregnant women. Delivering babies by C-section and natural births.

It is not clear how the veteran doctor for SIM contracted the virus what the exact contact point was.  SIM says that Dr. Sacra is being cared for in their ELWA 2 Ebola Care Center.

In addition, Ebola survivor and SIM nurse, Nancy Writebol talked about her battle with the lethal virus yesterday.

Since her recovery, Writebol has been asked whether she believes that it was the experimental drug, supportive care, the Liberian or U.S. medical staff, or her faith that saved her life.

“My answer to that question is ‘all of the above,’” Writebol said. “I want to say first, to God be the glory, because he is the one who gives us life and numbers our days. But God uses doctors, and God uses experimental drugs. We don’t know whether the drug helped or worked. We don’t know whether it was the supportive care, but I’m telling you it was very, very necessary. And we are seeing wonderful results just from supportive care in West Africa.”

Bruce Johnson, president of SIM USA added, “Nearly two months ago our worlds were turned upside down with the news of Nancy and Kent,” said Johnson. “We are all doing better, except the world suffering from Ebola. It has gotten much worse. Our overwhelming joy of seeing Nancy come through Ebola and now to see her energy level and her great smile returning is only moderated by our love and compassion for the people of Liberia.”