Ebola infected Spanish priest to receive ZMapp: Report

Just days after the first individual infected with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) arrived in Europe, it is learned that he will receive the same experimental treatment as the two Americans that were evacuated home recently.



The Washington Times reports today that 75-year-old Spanish priest, Father Miguel Pajares will receive the Ebola drug, ZMapp.  The Spanish Health Ministry says Pajares is slated to undergo treatment in Madrid under state medical protocols allowing the use of “unauthorized medications” when the patient’s life is in danger.

Father Pajares was brought back to Spain on Thursday on a medically equipped Spanish airforce plane, the first patient in the fast-spreading Ebola outbreak to be evacuated to Europe for treatment. Her tested positive for EVD in Monrovia, Liberia. The latest report on Pajares condition noted he was stable.

Both American missionaries, Dr. Kent Brantly and Mrs Nancy Writebol received ZMapp, being the first humans the drug was ever used on.

ZMapp, a treatment made by private US company Mapp Pharmaceuticals, is still in an extremely early phase of development and had only been tested previously on monkeys.

The use of the medication has sparked an ethical controversy as experts call for it to be made available to African nations. For more infectious disease news and information, visit and “like” the Infectious Disease News Facebook page

What is ZMapp?


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