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In a follow-up on media reports in Uganda of a man who collapsed and died while exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms, the Uganda Ministry of Health tweeted today:


The PCR tests for the fatal #Ebola suspect case from Buwenge, Jinja District at both @cphluganda and @UVRIug  have both turned out NEGATIVE for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. Thank you to the communities for the vigilance.

The above report stated the following about the case: 48-year-old Anthony Mutebe, exhibited Ebola-like symptoms before collapsing and dying in a trading center. Mutebe’s body, which had blood spills in his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears, was left in the open for fear of spreading a suspected contagious disease.

Prior to his death, Mutebe reportedly vomited blood for nearly ten minutes before collapsing, prompting the residents to alert the police authorities. They cordoned off the scene and prevented dozens of residents, along with family members who had converged in the area, from getting in contact with the deceased.

It has not been reported as to the cause of the man’s death.

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