The Democratic Republic of the Congo Ministry of Health (MOH) has provided updated information on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in North Kivu province that shows there is now a total of 49 cases of hemorrhagic fever have been reported in the region, 22 confirmed and 27 probable.

Ebola image/NIAID
Ebola image/NIAID

53 suspected cases are under investigation.

One new confirmed EVD death has been reported in Beni, bringing the death total to 38 (11 confirmed).

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom visited teams in Mangina, the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak. In Mangina, he visited the temporary Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) where the providers explained his work. He also noted the progress of the installation of the Ebola treatment center, which will be co-managed by the Ministry of Health and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

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The Ministry of Health, through its World Bank-funded Health System Development Project (HSDP), has finalized practical arrangements to start free healthcare in 3 health zones around the epicenter, namely Mabalako , Blessed, and Oicha. In times of epidemic, it is important that the financial barrier does not hinder access to health care. This measure to introduce free healthcare in the affected areas aims to encourage the population to go to an approved health center as soon as the first symptoms appear, increasing their chances of survival.

The process of temporary discharge of the 74 staff members of the Mangina Reference Health Center (CSR) considered as contacts is also complete. All those who have been in contact with confirmed cases will be followed up for 21 days and can not return to CSR until one month later. During this period, they were asked to avoid any movement outside the area. They will be temporarily replaced by interim health staff from other health centers in Oicha, Mabalako and Musienene.

Two mobile laboratories of the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) have arrived in Goma and Mangina to accelerate the testing of samples taken across the province of North Kivu.