By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

In a follow-up on the COVID-19 outbreak in Ecuador, the National Institute for Public Health Research (INSPI) are reporting 7,257 cases as of today. Inspi is the only laboratory in the country that can perform and deliver positive or negative coronavirus results.

Seventy-three percent, or 5,290 cases have been reported in Guayas province.

To date, 315 fatalities have been reported.

Earlier this week, the Minister of Public Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, announced that 606 professionals in the field have been hired to provide their services during the coronavirus health emergency.

Of these, 239 will be assigned to the Portoviejo Specialty Hospital, in Manabí; 150 to the sentinel hospitals in Guayaquil (al Guasmo Sur, 41; Abel Gilbert Pontón, 40; Monte Sinaí, 40 and for the Tarqui District Directorate 2, 24), in Guayas; and 72 to the Luz Elena Arismendi Pediatric Gynecological Obstetric Hospital of Quito, in Pichincha.