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The Ecuador Ministry of Public Health (MSP) commenced a measles vaccination campaign for boys and girls between the ages of six months and 11 years, in Ibarra (Imbabura) on Saturday. This action was transferred Monday, November 21, 2022 to the educational establishments of the city, after the identification of a case of measles in that town in the northern Sierra of the country.

Ecuador map/CIA

On Friday, November 18, 2022, an eight-month-old patient with measles was identified. He is in home isolation and has no complications. The epidemiological fence was carried out on more than 150 contacts where two suspected cases were identified that after the analysis were negative. In addition, 330 homes surrounding the patient’s residence were visited to comply with the vaccination sweep.

Francisco Pérez, National Undersecretary of Surveillance of the MSP, explained that Ecuador is a country that has the measles elimination certification. This implies that vigilance is maintained and the regular vaccination schedule is reinforced. “Thanks to the surveillance processes we can determine whether or not there are suspected cases. Take samples and send them to the National Institute for Public Health Research (INSPI) for immediate analysis.

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Pérez also mentioned that a reinforcement will be applied to children who have the complete scheme or the vaccine will be placed to complete the said scheme. “Depending on the evolution, the actions may be increased to two or three more locations. Vaccines are safe, it is the best invention after clean water, and it has saved millions of lives.”

The MSP urges parents, especially from Ibarra, to go to health centers to comply with the regular vaccination schedule and thus prevent the spread of the virus.