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The El Salvador Ministry of Health has reported dengue fever cases triple this year in the country.

Image/Robert Herriman

According to the latest Epidemiological Bulletin, 16,259 dengue fever cases have been reported to date, more than triple the case count for the same period in 2021 (5,078).

Despite this rise in suspected cases, the Ministry of Health only reported 57 serious cases and no person deceased in the period; however, it confirmed that there is an accumulated 1,932 hospitalizations due to dengue in those first 47 epidemiological weeks of 2022.

28 municipalities in the country are “moderately affected” by dengue, while 234 municipalities are “mildly affected.”

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Of those 28 municipalities with “moderate affectation”, most are concentrated in the department of San Salvador, such as: Aguilares, Guazapa, Nejapa, Mejicanos, Cuscatancingo, Ayutuxtepeque, Santiago Texacuangos, San Marcos, Apopa, Tonacatepeque, Soyapango, Ilopango, Santo Tomás, Panchimalco and the municipality of San Salvador itself.