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The El Salvador Ministry of Health (MINSAL) reported 8,748 suspected cases of dengue through June 18, the highest number of cases in the last seven years.

Image/Robert Herriman

Compared to the same period in 2021, there are 6,727 more suspected cases (2,021), an increase of 333%.

Hospitalizations for dengue already total 1,044, that is, 735 more than in 2021, which translates into an increase of 228%, according to the epidemiological bulletin.

“This is the time when there is an increase in cases of patients with dengue, because we have a rainy season. We spent practically three weeks in a storm and the humidity, and the amount of water that has accumulated, came to generate an increase in mosquitoes; and that caused people to get sick of this” said the official of the public network.