Two of the biggest infectious disease stories will be the feature of the upcoming airing of the Outbreak News This Week Radio show this Sunday–Elizabethkingia anophelis and Lassa fever.

the bizJoining host Robert Herriman will be the medical director of Infection Control at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and clinics in Madison, Wisconsin, Dr. Nasia Safdar to discuss the Elizabethkingia outbreak in Wisconsin and a recent case in Michigan.

During the second half, Infectious Disease doctor and author, Dr Judy Stone, to give an overview on Lassa fever, a viral disease that killed a medical missionary and has infected several in Germany.

See Dr. Stone’s article in Forbes: Should You Worry About Catching Lassa Fever?

The show recorded on Thursday will air Sunday, Mar. 20 at 8 pm on am 1380 The Biz in the Tampa Bay area and can be heard streaming online at


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