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In a follow-up on the dengue fever outbreak in Afar, Ethiopia, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports a total of 1,638 suspected and confirmed cases and nine associated deaths (case fatality ratio= 0.5%) in Logia and Mille districts in the region from April 4 through May 10 this year.


Mille district has reported most cases (1,573, 96%) while Logia district has reported 4% (65) of the total cases.

Most cases are 15 years old and above (1147, 70%). Most common clinical manifestations were joint pain (99.4%), headache (98%), chills (97%), vomiting (80%) and fever (64%).

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According to WHO, Dengue fever infections were first reported in Ethiopia in 2013 when a dengue fever related outbreak occurred in Dire Dawa city administration. Since then, dengue cases and outbreaks have increased with a significant public health impact. Ethiopia has had nearly annual outbreaks since 2013, devastating an already fragmented health system and economy.

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