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Danish health authorities reported the first detected infection with new coronavirus in Denmark since the virus erupted in Hubei province in China in December 2019 Thursday.

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“We take the new situation very seriously. Work on containment and tracking has now begun. We will do everything we can to prevent the disease from spreading in Denmark, ”says Health and Elder Minister Magnus Heunicke.

The Danish Patient Safety Board is in close dialogue with the patient about the persons the citizen has been in contact with. Work on contact tracking and containment has thus begun.

The infected citizen was tested on Wednesday for the symptoms of COVID-19. The sample was sent to the State Serum Institute, which is responsible for conducting the test for COVID-19.

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The Danish Serum Institute has regularly conducted tests on Danish citizens who have shown symptoms that could be indicative of COVID-19. All samples have been tested negative until Wednesday for COVID-19 infection.

Like other types of viral pneumonia, there is no specific medicine for the disease itself, but in the Danish healthcare system there are good opportunities to provide supportive treatment. The current knowledge of COVID-19 shows that the majority of patients have only mild symptoms and do not need hospital treatment. The most severe symptoms occur most often in people who are older or have underlying illnesses in advance.

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An additional 128 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Italy during the past 24 hours, bringing the country total to 528. The number of deaths are now at 14.

The regions hardest hit by the coronavirus spread include Lombardy (305), Veneto (98) and Emilia Romagna (97).

Elsewhere in Europe the following countries have reported cases: Germany (26), France (18), Spain (15), UK (15), Switzerland (4), Croatia (3), Austria (3), Greece (3), Finland (2), Sweden (2), Belgium (1), Georgia (1), Romania (1), North Macedonia (1) and Estonia (1).

16 deaths have been reported–Italy (14) and France (2).

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