Set your radio dial to am 1380 The Biz in Tampa this Sunday evening as host of the talk radio program, Outbreak News This Week, Robert Herriman spend the whole hour discussing fad diets, good nutrition and the book Stop the Diet, I Want to Get Off! with author and registered dietitian, Lisa Tillinger Johansen.

The diet industry is big business and the fad diets that come out of it always end in failure. Ms. Tillinger Johansen talks about why diets fail.

She goes into detail on several of the more popular diets out on the market and offers her critique: The Paleo Diet, Atkins, South Beach and others. She also discusses the variety of vegetarian diets, low calorie diets and we delve into diets you may have never heard of like the Blood Type diet, yes that’s not a typo.

Tillinger Johansen also explains what is a well balanced, good nutrition diet based good science and years of experience.

Check out this informative and entertaining interview this Sunday, Feb. 21 at 8pm ET on am 1380 The Biz

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