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Fiji health officials issued an alert today due to a travel associated measles case from the Philippines. According to officials, a 35-year-old female traveled from the Philippines arriving into Nadi Airport on FJ360 via Singapore on 9th of February 2020. She was well during health screening at Nadi airport but developed symptoms of measles the day after arrival. The patient later tested positive for measles. Based on the onset of her symptoms, and with the knowledge that the Philippines has an ongoing outbreak of measles, it is clear that she became infected with measles in the Philippines and not in Fiji.


The patient and her family (husband and child who have no symptoms) have been placed on home isolation in Suva. Daily follow up for the family and contact tracing are currently underway by our health team, though family members had already been vaccinated.

Fiji officials are also contacting passengers on flight FJ360. Here are the details of the flight:

FJ360 from Singapore to Nadi (arrival in Nadi airport at 11.34 am on February 9th)

Passengers on this flight, and anyone in the Nadi Airport arrivals 11.34am  to 1.34pm on Sunday February 9th, should watch for symptoms of measles.

While infectious, the patient was also at the following locations:

10/2/2020: Tappoo City and MHCC

11/2/2020: Cost U Less and Damodar City

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People who were at these locations at the noted times should look out for symptoms of measles until 29th of February. It can take up to 18 days for symptoms to appear following exposure to a person with measles.

Fiji reported a measles outbreak that began on November 7th 2019 with the last locally transmitted case reported January 6th 2020. 28 people were affected in the outbreak.