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Highly pathogenic bird flu of the H5N1 type has been confirmed in the animals of four fur farms in southern and central Pohlia that were investigated by the Food Agency. It is the same virus strain that was found in the blue foxes of the fur farm in Kausti, and which has caused several mass deaths of wild birds this year. The disease has now been found in a total of five fur farms.

H5N1 avian influenza
Image/Cynthia Goldsmith/ Jackie Katz

Two of the new shelter cases are located in Kauhava, South Ostrobothnia, one in Kausti and one in Halsua, Central Ostrobothnia. Avian flu was also now found in blue foxes and in the mink of another shelter in Kauhavala. The breeders had sent samples to the Food Agency to be examined in order to find out the cause of illness or death of the animals.

Bird flu infection in fur animals does not cause the shelter to be subject to restrictions imposed by the animal disease authority. However, the Food Agency and the regional administrative agencies are monitoring the situation in cooperation with the Health and Welfare Institute (THL) and the health authorities of the welfare regions.

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The Food Agency is currently examining samples from several mass deaths of seagulls from different parts of Finland.