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About 84 per cent of the population aged 12 and over have received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine in Finland and about 71 per cent have received two doses.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

“In reality, even more people have full protection. This is because those who have had COVID-19 and received a single dose of vaccine also have full protection. There are about 37,000 of these people in Finland, or 0.7 per cent of those aged 12 and over, ” says Mia Kontio, THL’s leading expert .

Coronavirus vaccination is also necessary for those who already have the disease, as the disease usually provides protection for only about six months. The duration of the protection afforded by the disease depends, among other things, on how severe the disease has been.

In Finland, a total of more than 7.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccine have already been given. Of these, the first doses have been 4.1 million and the second doses 3.5 million.

37,000 third doses have been given. Currently, third doses are offered to severely immunocompromised and those who have received two doses of vaccine less than six weeks apart among the first groups to be vaccinated. For other populations, the assessment of the need for a third dose will continue in October.

The majority of those hospitalized for the coronavirus are currently unvaccinated.

“Of the approximately 864,000 unvaccinated, there have been 193 serious cases in the last three weeks. There are significantly more people fully vaccinated, more than 2.9 million, and 38 cases of serious disease occurred at the same time. compared to those vaccinated, ”says Kontio.

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