Finland health officials are reporting two imported and unrelated measles cases in recent days in North Karelia and Vantaa.


In North Karelia, the case of measles has been found in an unvaccinated infant while in Vantaa, measles has been reported in an adult who has received one dose of vaccine.

According to the Department of Health and Welfare (THL), the measles patient in North Karelia:

  • Traveled on Friday 26.4. at 23.10 local time from Moscow to Tolstoy train to Kouvola
  • Traveled Saturday 27.4. From Kouvola, at 11.43, left by IC 3 to Joensuu

The measles patient in Vantaa:

  • Traveled on Friday 26.4. at 19.30 on a Tallink Megastar ship from Tallinn to Helsinki

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Persons who have traveled on the above modes of transportation are advised to check whether their own protection is in order.

  • Two MMR vaccines provide good protection against measles. If the child has received the first dose of the vaccine according to the vaccination program, there is no need to take another dose.
  • If you have had measles, you do not need a vaccine.
  • If you do not have your own or your child’s vaccination protection, or if you do not know you have had measles, contact your health center immediately.
  • If signs of measles appear within three weeks after your trip, contact your health center for further instructions first by phone.

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