In a follow-up to the possible local Zika transmission in the South Florida counties of Miami-Dade and Broward, the Florida Department of Health said today it is expanding its ongoing investigations in these two counties with two additional possible non-travel cases, bringing the total to four.


This pattern is consistent with other mosquito-borne virus investigations, such as the 2013 dengue response.

The investigations into the new cases will begin today and door-to-door outreach and sample collection are ongoing in all cases. The department will share more details as they become available. Residents and visitors are urged to participate in requests for urine samples by the department in the areas of investigation. These results will help the department determine the number of people affected.

In addition, health officials reported 17 new travel-related cases today with three in Palm Beach, two in Brevard, two in Broward, two in Orange, one in Escambia, one in Osceola, one in Polk, one in Seminole and four involving a pregnant women.