Efforts are underway to replenish Florida’s blood supply following Hurricane Ian.

“Blood donors are urgently needed.  If you are eligible to donate blood we are asking that you please visit a OneBlood donor center or Big Red Bus blood drive as soon as possible,” said Susan Forbes senior vice president of corporate communications and public relations.

All blood types are needed and there is an increased need for O Negative and O Positive donors, as well as platelet donors.

“A sustained donor response is crucial. We are in the midst of an evolving disaster situation that will continue to impact our operations, our team members and blood donors for the foreseeable future. Blood donation is an easy way people can help during this challenging time,” said Forbes.

As a proactive measure, OneBlood is also arranging for shipments of blood to be brought in to Florida by blood centers from around the country to assist with emergent and near-term needs caused by the storm. OneBlood serves more than 250 hospitals throughout the southeastern United States.

To find a donor center or Big Red Bus blood drive near you please visit oneblood.org.


For a list of locations where blood collections have been suspended click here.