FLU season comes early

By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

The CDC says flu season is early in the United States with widespread activity seen in several states and the southern US hit especially hard so far.

In this video, I look at a couple of surveys/polls that look at how the public looks at influenza and the importance of the flu shot.

Flu season is here: Time to get your flu shot

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2019-2020 northern hemisphere flu vaccine: Recommendation for the A(H3N2) component has been postponed

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3rd Plague case in China

Dengue: ‘The rise in outbreaks this year is a wake-up call’

Vaping illness, Vitamin E acetate and lung transplants

Plague in China: Pneumonic plague diagnosed in Beijing

Can dengue virus be sexually transmitted?

Ebola: Where is the coverage on cable news?

Bioterrorism history with Lawrence Roberge, PhD

Earth’s Virology Professor: Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Medical Laboratory Professionals and Lab Week 2019 with Rodney Rohde, PhD

Infectious disease news brief: ‘No evidence that Enterovirus D68 is an imported disease’

Polio, Pakistan, the progress and difficulties with WHO spokesperson, Oliver Rosenbauer

Health promotion, disease outbreaks and public health with Glenn Laverack, PhD

Medicine and the media with Amesh Adalja, MD

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  1. The problem for many is money. If you have private insurance, some vaccines are pretty expensive. I know some are free with insurance. However, many have to pay even if they carry private insurance.

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