Following last week’s announcement that two rabies cases have been confirmed in Khayelitsha, no further cases have been detected.

Rabies vaccine/GARC

Persons and animals in contact with the original two cases have been traced, and appropriate follow-up actions are taken, including vaccinations and medical treatment.

Veterinary Services officials and animal welfare organizations have been going door to door throughout last week to vaccinate all dogs and cats within a 1km radius of the confirmed cases. So far, over 900 dogs and ten cats have been vaccinated.

World Rabies Day 2021- Livestream event

Pet owners who were not home at the time of the official visit and who still need their pets to be vaccinated should call the office of the State Veterinarian on  0218085253 or visit the nearest animal welfare clinic to arrange vaccination.

The public is also encouraged to report any signs of rabies to their nearest vet, animal welfare clinic or the State Vet office at 0218085253.

Signs of rabies include sudden changes in behavior (including aggression, confusion or anxiety), weakness, drooling, difficulty swallowing, staggering, seizures, muscle spasms, and paralysis.

These symptoms worsen over time, and death occurs within 2-10 days.