By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

In a follow-up report from Sweden, an additional four cases of the covid-19 variant reported from the UK have now been detected in Sweden. The lab analysis work has been intensified, and it was not unexpected that more cases would be discovered.

The analysis have been particularly focused on samples from people who tested positive after staying in the UK, both recently and back in time.

“That we would find more cases of the new virus variant was expected. This shows that we have had an impact on the increased analysis work and handling of the cases”, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

The new variant of the covid-19 virus, called VOC202012 / 01, has been in the UK since September. The variant is believed to have an increased dispersal ability compared to other variants, but analyzes of its properties are still ongoing.

The new cases in Sweden have been discovered in several different regions. In order to capture more possible cases, the Swedish Public Health Agency will continue and intensify the work with the extended sample analyzes.

“At present, the new cases do not affect the Swedish Public Health Agency’s risk assessment of the situation. But the findings remind us of the importance of everyone in society following current advice and recommendations to reduce the spread of infection”, says Anders Tegnell.

The Swedish Public Health Agency has previously urged all entrants who have stayed in the UK from 12 December to stay at home for at least seven days, to avoid contact with others as far as possible and to test as soon as possible after arrival with a follow-up test five days after arrival. The rest of the household should also stay at home waiting for test results.