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The fox that bit some nine people on or near the grounds of the U.S. Capitol recently, including Congressman and physician Ami Bera who represents California’s 7th Congressional District, has tested positive for rabies, according to DCHealth.

All individuals who were bitten by the fox are being contacted by health officials.

The animal, a female fox was captured on Tuesday and testing was completed on Wednesday. The fox had to be euthanized to be tested.

Rep. Bera was bitten by the fox on Monday evening while walking to the Capitol for votes. His injuries weren’t reported as severe, but they were enough to puncture his clothing. He began receiving the rabies post exposure prophylaxis series of shots.

Rabies is an acute viral infection that is transmitted to humans or other mammals usually through the saliva from a bite of an infected animal. It is also rarely contracted through breaks in the skin or contact with mucous membranes.

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