Occitanie regional health officials have reported (computer translated) the first autochthonous, or local transmission of dengue fever in France in 2020. The case was reported in Hérault department, in the town of Cessenon-sur-Orb.

Aedes albopictus

Officials say the individual was infected in mid-July while staying near a swimming area between the towns of Cessenon-sur-Orb and Murviel-lès-Béziers, at a place called Le Réals.

An investigation by authorities identified the primary case as a returning traveler from a dengue risk zone.

Dengue is a generally mild illness whose symptoms resemble those of the flu (strong fever, joint pain, severe headache), can be temporarily disabling. This disease is transmitted from person to person through the bite of a tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) previously infected with the virus.

Since the start of the seasonal surveillance period on May 1 and with the exception of this event, all cases reported nationally are “imported” cases, linked to returning travelers in France.

According to the European CDC, autochthonous dengue cases have been reported in continental Europe in recent years. In 2019, ten cases were reported in France (9) and Spain (1). One additional sexual transmission of dengue was reported in Madrid, Spain, in 2019.


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