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In a follow-up on the local Zika transmission situation in in Hyères city, Var department, France, health officials reported Wednesday (computer translated) an additional autochthonous case in an individual who resides in the close vicinity of the first two cases.

Aedes albopictus/FotoshopTofs

The three cases had onset of symptoms in early/mid-August 2019, and all have recovered.

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According to the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), this new case reinforces the hypothesis of autochthonous vector-borne transmission of ZIKV in this neighborhood of Hyères city in August 2019. As the cases had onset of symptoms only a few days apart, it is likely that they belong to the same transmission cycle. To ECDC’s knowledge, this event was the first report of vector-borne transmission of ZIKV by Aedes albopictus in Europe.

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