Between 2012 and 2016, the number of new diagnoses of Chlamydia and gonococcal infections is increasing, according to the results of the LaboIST1 survey published  by Public Health France. In fact, data show that the number of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea diagnoses in 2016 has tripled compared to 2012 estimates.


The survey reveals that young people aged 15-24 remain particularly affected by these STIs, which are often asymptomatic but sometimes with heavy consequences. This has prompted Public Health France to launch a digital campaign on 18 July to promote the use of condoms among young people. This campaign is part of the national strategy for sexual health and the promotion of prevention tools.

In 2016, the number of people diagnosed with Chlamydia infection was estimated at 267,097, a rate of 491 per 100,000 population. A predominance of infection is found in women (592/100 000 versus 380/100 000 in men). Young women aged 15-24 are the most affected (2,271 / 100,000), particularly in Ile-de-France (5,682 / 100,000 inhabitants) and in the French Overseas Departments (1,761 / 100,000). ).

The number of people diagnosed with gonococcal infection in 2016 was estimated at 49,628. Men are more affected than women in the whole territory (131/100 000 versus 55/100 000), with the exception of DOM where there is a predominance of gonorrhea in women. The 15-24 age group is again the most concerned by this STI, regardless of the region (181/100 000).

“The sharp increase in diagnoses of these infections in 2016 may be due to a number of factors. It can be explained first of all by an underestimation of the cases diagnosed in 2012 but also by an intensification of the screening and the improvement of the sensitivity of the tests used and finally, by the increase of the incidence of these STIs. themselves. “Says Florence Lot, head of the unit HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B and C, IST to Public Health France.

In the 25-year-old population, the high prevalence of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infections is the result of a larger number of partners coupled with unsupervised condom use, health officials say.

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