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Santé publique France reports five dengue outbreaks with a total of 16 locally-acquired cases of dengue through September 2022.

Aedes albopictus

Episodes of autochthonous dengue transmission have been identified in the following:

In the Occitania region:

  • In Perpignan (Pyrénées Orientales), an indigenous case of dengue whose symptoms had started in mid-June. No further cases have been identified since.
  • In Andrest (Hautes Pyrénées), an outbreak of 2 dengue cases whose symptoms began during the first half of August.
  •  At La Salvetat Saint Gilles (31), an outbreak of 2 cases of dengue whose symptoms began in the last fortnight of August.

In the Paca region :

  • In Fayence (Var), an outbreak of 6 cases of dengue whose symptoms began between the end of June and the end of July.
  • In St Jeannet (Alpes Maritimes), an outbreak of 5 dengue fever cases whose symptoms began between August 7 and 18.

For each of the cases or outbreaks identified, epidemiological investigations have been carried out or are in progress in order to identify any other cases and precisely define the transmission zone. Health professionals in the sectors concerned have been made aware of the diagnosis and reporting of any other cases of dengue fever. Entomological surveys as well as mosquito control actions have been carried out or are in progress by the mosquito control operator.

In the presence of the Aedes albopictus mosquito, other cases or foci of dengue, chikungunya and zika transmission could be detected in mainland France in the weeks to come.