Since May 2013, France has reported 23 imported cases of the mosquito borne viruses, chikungunya and dengue fever, from 18 departments, according to a Pourquoi Docteur report last week (computer translated).

In addition, the survey shows there to be 51 suspected infections reported to health officials. “This figure will only continue to increase,” said Dr. Francis Charlet, responsible for monitoring and safety at  the ARS  PACA. 

Health officials do say that to date, indigenous cases of dengue or chikungunya reported.  Aedes albopictus, or the “Tiger mosquito” constitutes “a threat to the health of the population”, the report states.

According to a Ministry of Social Affairs and Health website posting in early May (computer translated), in 2012, It has been established in France 48 confirmed cases, all imported, including 42 cases of dengue and six cases of chikungunya.