In southwest France, the largest administrative region, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is experiencing an epidemic situation of measles, according to French health officials.


Since Jan. 1, 2018, France has reported a significant increase in measles cases, recording 1,346 cases. In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, more than half of the country’s cases have been reported (758). Outbreaks of measles have been reported from other regions as well.

Twenty percent of the total cases across the country required hospitalization.

The measles resurgence began in Nov. 2017 in France after reporting decreasing numbers since 2012.

Health officials blame the resurgence on inadequate vaccination coverage in infants (79% with two doses of vaccine instead of the 95% needed). ), children and young adults. In the current outbreak, 87% of measles cases occurred in unvaccinated or poorly vaccinated individuals.

Public Health France reminds that vaccination is the only way to protect against measles.


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