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For the first ten months of 2021, French Guiana, on the northeast coast of South America, have reported five confirmed measles cases.

French Guiana/CIA

Of the 5 confirmed cases reported between January 1 and the end of October 2021, 4 are female, ages range from 1 to 47 years (median 14 years), none had a history of complete vaccination, one was an imported case from Brazil, one was a secondary case of a Brazilian confirmed case, and one reported a history of travel on the border of Brazil.

Confirmed cases were reported in the communes of Kourou (2 cases of which one case was imported from Brazil, resulting in a secondary case), Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock (2 cases epidemiologically linked with the imported case from Brazil), and Cayenne (1 case). The D8 genotype was identified in 4 cases and the genotype results are pending for one case.

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In addition to French Guiana, confirmed measles cases were reported in Brazil and the US this year in the Americas.

Brazil has seen 619 confirmed cases including 2 deaths in 6 federal units; the United States of America has seen 47 confirmed cases in 4 jurisdictions.

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