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The number of cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) increased by some 3380 cases in the past day, bringing the country total to 133,830, according to the Robert Koch Institut today.

The deaths increased to 3,868 (2.9 % death rate). The bulk of the cases were reported in Bavaria (36,027), North Rhine-Westphalia (27,030) and Baden-Wuerttemberg (26,543) federal states.

Germany has declared its coronavirus outbreak under control as it prepares to take its first tentative steps out of lockdown next week, according to a Guardian report. This is thanks to confinement measures imposed after an early surge in cases, according to German health minister, Jens Spahn. “The infection numbers have sunk significantly, especially the relative day-by-day increase,” he said.

Some shops and schools are set to reopen in the next couple weeks while gatherings of 2 or more people will last longer.

In addition, Spahn is campaigning for a new normal in hospital care. “We want to reserve approx. 25-30% of the intensive care beds for COVID-19 treatments from May”.

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Later Spahn visited the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg and thanked the resident doctors for their efforts in the fight against the corona virus. “Germany has a close-knit network of general practitioners. They are the first protective shield of our healthcare system in the fight against the coronavirus, “said Spahn. The good care provided by the resident doctors ensures that many patients with milder COVID-19 courses do not have to go to the hospital, Spahn continued so focus on more severe cases.

“We survived the first wave of corona infections well. Now we have to find a new balance in healthcare. We must continue to be well prepared, at the same time we should gradually return to normal operation, ” he said.

The Robert Koch Institute for disease control released data showing that Germany’s person-to-person infection rate had dropped to 0.7, meaning that each person carrying the virus was now infecting less than one other person on average.