Health officials in Baden-Württemberg state in southwest Germany are reporting an increase in hantavirus cases this year, especially since March 2017, according to a Stuttgarter-Nachrichten report (computer translated).

Germany Image/Lusign

441 hantavirus cases have been reported to date, which is higher than in the past four years.

Rodents like the Rötelmaus carry the Hantavirus in itself, the report notes. Through contact with infected animals or their feces and urine excretions, the viruses enter the human organism.

According to the state health authority, the Swabian Alb, the Albvorland, the Neckargäu and Tauber plateaus, as well as Odenwald and Oberschwaben, have the highest rates of disease.

Landesgesundheitsamt, or the National Health Office say those at most risk include those cleaning cellars and roofs, forestry workers and gardeners.


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