An 18-month-old Berlin toddler has become the first measles fatality in the German capital, according to an AFP report.


Since October, Berlin has reported 570 measles cases.

Today, Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe said (computer translated): “The measles outbreak in Berlin shows how important vaccination is. I strongly advise the public to check on their own vaccination status and catch up on recommended vaccinations.

“The recommended vaccinations are safe and are covered by health insurance, Gröhe notes.  The irrational fear mongering and anti-immunization is irresponsible.

“Who denies his child immunization, endangers not only his own child, but also others -. which can lead to death. The vaccination gaps in Germany are still too large we need now is a major challenge to the vaccinations.”

The Health Minister went on to say, “It remains a major public health concern trying to achieve the necessary data for measles elimination and getting vaccination rates of 95 percent.”