By: Candess Zona Mendola of

Local media reports Gino’s Pizzeria may be linked to the Hepatitis Outbreak in West Norriton, Pennsylvania.  As of now, 1 person has died and 6 people were hospitalized.  At least 9 people contracted Hepatitis A in this outbreak, according to the Montgomery County Office of Public Health.  So far, 11 cases are under investigation.

Hepatitis A is manifested here as icterus, or jaundice of the conjunctivae and facial skin/CDC

Gino’s Ristorante & Pizzeria in West Norriton will be closed until further notice while this Gino’s Pizzeria Hepatitis Outbreak investigation continues, officials said.

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Typically, people contract Hepatitis A by ingesting contaminated food or drinks. There is a vaccine for Hepatitis A and practicing good hand hygiene can prevent the spread of the virus.