By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

Guam health officials reported Friday the confirmation of the 12th locally transmitted dengue fever case on the island this year.


In addition to the local cases, Guam has also reported seven imported dengue cases.

The Guam Public Health Laboratory of the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) continues the enhanced surveillance for suspect cases of dengue through community outreach, laboratory testing, and timely reporting by Guam’s dedicated healthcare providers.

The DPHSS Epidemiology and Surveillance Teams will canvass the homes and notify residents in the new area of concern to help clean any potential breeding sites.  Also, pesticide spraying at the high-risk target areas in Yigo, including F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School and Simon Sanchez High School, are completed.  Pesticide control professionals apply EPA-approved pesticides to high-risk target areas where written consent has been given by the home or building owner.  DPHSS also continues mosquito surveillance to include the capture of adult mosquitoes in high-risk areas.

In September, Guam reported the first autochthonous dengue transmission on the island in 75 years.

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