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Guam’s Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) reports the second imported dengue fever case this year from an individual from Yap State in the Federated States of Micronesia.

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Health officials stress that the island is not endemic for dengue and dengue virus transmission is not occurring on the island.

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Guam has reported some 40 dengue cases in the past three decades.

However, authorities warned that Guam will likely continue to see additional suspected and confirmed dengue fever cases this year from immigrants, migrants and residents who travel back and forth, to and from the Philippines, or to and from island states in Micronesia.

Philippines dengue epidemic tops 200K, Measles in Pangasinan

DPHSS noted that there are currently several outbreaks of dengue fever in the Western Pacific region, including Palau with 486 cases from Dec. 1, 2018 through Aug. 11, 2019, Yap and the RMI.

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DPHSS advises residents to stay safe when traveling to countries or islands where dengue fever is present. While there is no vaccine for dengue fever, DPHSS said people traveling to the Philippines or Palau should be vigilant about taking precautions and preventing mosquito bites.