According to a World Health Organization (WHO) news release dated June 29, 2018:


WHO received confirmation of a human case of dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease) in Angola – a country not known to have had any cases in the past.

The patient is an 8-year-old girl from Cunene Province. Signs of worm emergence in April this year were characteristic of guinea-worm disease and the worm appeared identical to Dracunculus medinensis,” said Dr Maria Cecília de Almeida of the Angolan Guinea Worm Eradication Programme who is also Director of Control Programmes for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Ministry of Health. “The case-management protocol was observed, including the preservation of the worm specimen, and we are investigating further to determine the extent of transmission and burden of the disease.”

The case was detected through a nationwide guinea-worm case search during the national immunization campaign against measles and rubella. The specimen was sent to the WHO Collaborating Center for Dracunculiasis Eradication at the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, where a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test confirmed the worm as Dracunculus medinensis.

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