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The Ministry of Public Health in Haiti (MSPP), or Ministè Sante Piblik ak Popilasyon has activated the “epidemiological alert” system, after detecting a skin infection considered “highly contagious”, which is similar to scabies.

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“The Ministry of Public Health advises the population that a form of Sarcoptosis, a highly contagious skin infection similar to scabies, has been detected in several areas of the country.

The Ministry informs all people with the following signs and symptoms: itching, skin lesions from scratching, especially at night, to go to the nearest health institution for adequate care.

Preventive measures recommended by the Ministry:

1. Avoid direct contact with an infected person;
2. Boil bedding;
3. Disinfect clothing, sheets, pillows and bath towels;
4. Ventilate spaces ·
5. Bathe with clean water;
6. Above all, avoid scratching your skin despite the urge.

Counting on the cooperation of everyone, the Ministry invites the population to be vigilant in order to curb the spread of this infectious disease. »

Since April 14, 2022, the Ministry of Public Health via the Western Health Department has deployed a multidisciplinary team to Kenskoff to stem the outbreak of sarcoptosis in this area. This deployment is part of the investigation and response activities, conducted by the Ministry, against community sarcoptosis, in the rural areas of the West department.

The Dominican Republic Ministry of Health indicated that it remains vigilant to any situation that could trigger an alert in the country regarding the skin infection reported in Haiti.

According to the Ministry, so far the Dominican Republic has not recorded any cases similar to those reported in Haiti explaining that the Ministry had activated the sentinel surveillance plan in the areas most at risk in hospitals and at border crossings to act immediately if any type of situation related to this disease is detected.