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In a follow-up on the hantavirus outbreak in Chubut in the Patagonia region of southern Argentina, health officials are reporting the 13th death in a woman from Trevelin, according to a Infobae report (computer translated).

Image/Chubut government screen shot (cropped)
Image/Chubut government screen shot (cropped)

To date, the outbreak has grown to 29 confirmed cases (27 in Esquel, one in Bariloche and another in Chile)

It is reported that in the course of the last hours a positive hanta person was discharged from the Zonal Hospital of Esquel and that selective respiratory isolation continues, reaching approximately 100 neighbors, the Chubut government reports (computer translated).

The Ministry of Health of Chubut, led by Adrián Pizzi, has been supporting and strengthening the health teams of the Northwest Programmatic Area of Health, the Zonal Hospital of Esquel and the Rural Hospital of Epuyén, through the redistribution of professionals from the other Program Areas from the province towards these institutions and the incorporation of necessary personnel, with the aim of responding to the demand for care derived from the epidemiological contingency due to the Hantavirus outbreak.

It was reported that different services of the Zonal Hospital of Esquel: the Emergency Medical Unit (UMU), the Intensive Therapy Unit (ICU), the Medical Clinic and the Surgical Clinic, expanded and reorganized their work shifts to 8 and 12 hours.