The Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) reported as of Dec. 24, 180 confirmed cases of dengue fever. This is an increase of four cases during the past 24 hours. Of the confirmed cases, 162 are Hawaii Island residents and 18 are visitors.

Hawaii/Perry-Castañeda Library
Hawaii/Perry-Castañeda Library

The County of Hawaii announced the response to the dengue fever outbreak continues and as a proactive and preventative measure, Milolii Beach Park will be closed until further notice. This action is necessary to allow for health and parks department staff to conduct mosquito control and pesticide treatments. In addition, the Hookena Beach Park also remains closed until further notice. Access to both the areas will be limited to local residents only.

The Department of Health is spraying and treating areas connected to confirmed cases to reduce mosquito populations. In addition, Civil Defense teams are inspecting areas of high mosquito presence reported by the community.

Health officials said the the spray that is used is Aqua Reslin, which targets live adult mosquitoes. Although we recommend that people and pets stay away from treated areas for several hours as a precaution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that the spray poses no health risk to humans or their pets.

What can be done to remove mosquito breeding sites at and around your home?

  • Remove or empty anything that catches or holds standing water, such as old tires, flowerpots, toys, buckets, and plastic tarps on your premises.
  • For plants that hold water, flush with a hose or spray with soapy water once a week.
  • Use mosquito-eating fish, such as guppies, in unused swimming pools, constructed fish ponds with no outlet to the environment, or other large containers that cannot be removed or emptied of standing water. To protect Hawaii’s rare native species and aquatic habitats, do not release guppies or other alien species into the natural environment.
  • Install or repair window screens and doors to keep out mosquitoes. Screens are your best protection against mosquito nuisance in your home.
  • Clean your gutters. Remove leaves and debris so water will drain freely.