The Hawaii Department of Health reported Wednesday on one additional dengue fever case, bringing the state total to 263 since Sep. 11, 2015.

Aedes mosquito
Aedes aegypti image/CDC

This new case helps to remind everyone that this outbreak remains active and is not anticipated to be considered over anytime in the near future, Hawaii County officials note.

Of the 263 cases reported to date,  237 are in residents and 26 in visitors.

Earlier this month, Darryl Oliveira, administrator of the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency and Incident Commander of the Hawaii Island dengue response said, “We have been cautiously optimistic about the slowdown of cases over the last few weeks.

“Our plan has always been to continue to be vigilant and maintain our efforts to work with the community to protect our residents and visitors through education, outreach, and mosquito abatement.”

The Hawaii Department of Health is continuing to receive dengue fever samples and complete testing routinely within 24 hours Monday through Friday. The department’s Vector Control staff also continue to conduct assessments within 24 hours of a reported case and when warranted follow up with spraying at case residences and other areas of concern.

Keith Kawaoka, deputy director of Environmental Health said, “It is crucial for our community, residents and visitors alike, to remain alert and diligent in our efforts to prevent mosquito bites and reduce mosquito breeding areas. The fight against mosquitoes is far from over. Even as this outbreak is winding down, we need to continue working together to fight the bite.”