By Oscar Nkala

The Namibian government has released a new epidemiological update report indicating that the number of laboratory-confirmed Hepatitis E cases has risen to 11 in the period between January and May.

Namibia Image/Alvaro1984 18
Image/ Alvaro1984 18

The Hepatitis E outbreak has been confined to the north-central Omusati region since its detection on January 9 this year.

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, 47 cases were under surveillance and investigation across Omusati by May 23.

So far, one person has died of Hepatitis E shortly after delivering a baby at local district hospital.

According to the government analysis, seven of the 11 confirmed cases are people with a history of travelling to Windhoek.

The other four said they have never travelled outside the district, although one reported having had contact recently with a resident of a squatter settlement in the capital Windhoek.