What is the most searched for sexually transmitted infection (STI) by people in the United States? Where are these searches coming from? Now we know thanks to a study commissioned by the UK’s second largest health and beauty retailer, Superdrug.

Image/MoD/MOD via wikimedia commons http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Computer_Keyboard_MOD_45155531.jpg
Image/MoD/MOD via wikimedia commons

They looked at searches for STDs in both the US and the UK using data on search queries from SEMrush and Google Trends and here is a sample of what they found:

In the US, the most commonly searched STD was herpes followed closely by chlamydia. While in the UK, chlamydia was what people were most interested in, with genital warts and herpes tied for second.

In the US, New Orleans was the top in terms of online searches for syphilis followed by San Antonio and Philadelphia. However, San Antonio led all others when it came to searches about chlamydia and gonorrhea.

As mentioned earlier, herpes is the most “googled” STD in the US and the city that leads in this is Atlanta, followed by New York and Chicago.

HIV/AIDS searches in the US are shown to revolve around the Washington “Beltway” with Leesburg, VA, Washington DC, Baltimore and Reston, VA taking the top four spots.

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