Health officials in Honduras received a certificate this week for the elimination of the vector that transmits Chagas disease, the Rhodnius prolixus bug, according to a health ministry report (computer translated).


In view of this important event, the health authorities stated that “today we can announce that the Rhodnius prolixus bug in Honduras, a dangerous vector of Chagas disease, has ceased to be so.”

The Initiative of the Countries of Central America and Mexico (IPCAM), since its inception, established the control / elimination of R.prolixus as a strategic and operational priority, concentrating the countries and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), its attention in control the domiciliary colonization of this species of special danger for the people exposed to its presence.

“Today we humbly receive this certificate, but we are proud to know that we have been able to achieve something very important for the country, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, this effort developed by community surveillance personnel, health of each and every one of the Health Establishments and of notable researchers such as the Ponce Husbands, among others and that today give this positive result for Honduras “.

In order to achieve this success, the articulation of efforts with the International Technical Cooperation PAHO / WHO, JICA and CIDA Canada, together with other agencies such as IDRC, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), World Vision and the integration of the community and Local governments so that today this achievement becomes a reality.

In 1990, the National Program for the Control and Prevention of Chagas ‘Disease, under the Division of Vector-Transmitted Diseases and in coordination with the Central Reference Laboratory for Chagas’ disease, was created in the Ministry of Health of Honduras.

The functions of this program consisted of carrying out in areas of high endemicity, control experiences accompanied by operational research, clinical studies to characterize the disease, epidemiological surveillance, education interventions and promotion of housing improvement.

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