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Influenza A (H9) infection

Hong Kong health officials reported an imported case of influenza A (H9) infection today.

3D print of influenza virus. The virus surface (yellow) is covered with proteins called hemagglutinin (blue) and neuraminidase (red). NIH

The patient, a 7-year-old boy with underlying illnesses, developed cough and runny nose since February 4 and fever on the next day. On February 5, he was brought to Wang Tau Hom Jockey Club General Out-patient Clinic (GOPC) for medical advice, and was transferred to Kwong Wah Hospital (KWH) where he was admitted to the isolation ward for further management.

He was transferred to general ward of KWH yesterday (February 6) and was transferred to isolation ward of Princess Margaret Hospital for treatment today. He has been in stable condition.

His nasopharyngeal swab tested positive for the influenza A (H9) virus upon testing. Subtyping result is pending. His clinical diagnosis was avian influenza.

Preliminary investigation of the CHP revealed that the patient visited his maternal grandparents’ home in Shenzhen during the incubation period, where backyard poultry was kept. However, the patient had no direct poultry contact recently, nor consumption of undercooked poultry, or contact with patients. His home contacts have remained asymptomatic so far.

Novel influenza A infection, including influenza A(H9), is a notifiable infectious disease in Hong Kong. Eight cases of influenza A (H9N2) had been reported in the past, including two local cases in 1999, one local case each in 2003 and 2007, an imported case in 2008, an imported case and one with the source of infection unclassified in 2009, and one imported case in 2013. No deaths have been recorded so far. Influenza A (H9N2) infection is a mild form of avian influenza.

Coronavirus update

The Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection (CHP) reported investigating  two additional imported cases of novel coronavirus infection, taking to 26 the number of confirmed cases so far in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong/CIA

Health officials said that the Port Health Division is continuing to carry out the health quarantine work on the World Dream cruise where some travellers from the Mainland were confirmed to have infected with the novel coronavirus.

Personnel of the Port Health Division is following up on the health assessment of the crew members and passengers. For the respiratory samples taken from crew members and passengers earlier, all of them were tested negative for novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, one crew member reported to have developed respiratory symptoms this afternoon. Sample has been collected for testing of novel coronavirus and the result is pending.

The CHP said that all passengers and crew members are required to stay on board prior to completion of the health quarantine work and permission by the Department of Health.

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