Hong Kong health officials (CHP) have reported a confirmed case of cholera in an individual who recently traveled to India.

Vibrio cholerae/CDC
Vibrio cholerae/CDC

The case involves a 28-year-old man, with good past health, who has developed diarrhea and abdominal pain since May 9. He consulted a private doctor on May 11 and did not require hospitalization at that time. He was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital today for isolation treatment in stable condition.

Laboratory testing by the CHP’s Public Health Laboratory Services Branch showed that culture of his stool specimen yielded Vibrio cholerae O1 Ogawa.

Initial investigations by the CHP revealed that the patient had visited India from May 1 to 10. His travel collateral was asymptomatic. The CHP’s investigation is under way.

A CHP spokesman said, “Whether in Hong Kong or travelling abroad, people should pay attention to personal hygiene and take measures to prevent cholera and food-borne infection.”