Hawaii health officials are reporting an additional confirmed hepatitis A case in a Oahu food service worker Friday. The individual worked at Tamashiro Market, located at 802 N. King St. in Honolulu. The employee worked from July 2-23, 2016 (actual dates: July 2, 4, 6–8, 11–13, 15–19, and 23).

Image/National Atlas of the United States
Image/National Atlas of the United States

The department is continuing its investigation of cases and at this time, no food establishment or business has been identified as a source of the ongoing hepatitis A outbreak. There have been no new cases linked to exposure at businesses where workers who handled food or drink were identified, however, the information is provided to prevent possible new cases. The likelihood that patrons of this business will become infected is very low.

“Tamashiro Market is not at fault for this, but given that much of what is sold there is typically prepared and purchased raw, it is important to inform the public of possible exposure,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park. “This business understands that public health is our primary concern, and they have been working with us to help prevent new cases.”

Persons who consumed food or beverage products prepared or served at this business during the identified periods may have been exposed to the disease and are recommended to:

1. Contact their healthcare providers about the possibility of receiving hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin (IG), which may provide some protection against the disease if administered within two weeks after exposure.

2. Monitor their health for symptoms of hepatitis A infection up to 50 days after exposure.

3. Wash their hands with soap and water frequently and thoroughly, especially (a) after using the bathroom or changing a diaper and (b) before preparing food.

4. Stay at home and contact their healthcare provider immediately if symptoms of hepatitis A infection develop. The public is encouraged to talk to their healthcare providers about Hepatitis A vaccination.

The most current outbreak case count from Hawaii health officials is 135.