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The Dagestan Ministry of Health reported a resident of the village of Kakashura, Karabudakhkent region, was hospitalized with suspicion of being infected with anthrax.

Cutaneous anthrax lesion /CDC

A 52-year-old man became a patient of the infectious diseases department of the district hospital in the village of Gurbuki. He was diagnosed with a cutaneous form of the disease.

The man was engaged in the slaughter and butchering of cattle meat. The patient’s condition is assessed as moderate. He is provided with all the necessary medical assistance. In addition, doctors monitor the condition of persons in contact with the patient.

The work of an interdepartmental commission has been launched in the village, veterinary measures are being carried out, and samples are being taken. Rospotrebnadzor specialists are taking measures to establish the source and factor of transmission of infection, to find out the circle of people at risk of infection.

Note that human infection with anthrax occurs due to the penetration of the pathogen through damaged skin or mucous membranes when caring for sick animals, when processing carcasses, removing the skin and burying the corpses of dead animals, when in contact with various types of raw materials obtained from sick animals, when eaten meat of sick animals, as well as through the bites of blood-sucking insects.